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Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis for weight loss is a highly effective method of treatment that has a 95% success rate in clinical trials in the United States and United Kingdom!

It offers the benefits of gastric band surgery without the risks, recuperation and cost!  It addresses the emotional & psychological factors that have often been ignored providing tools to succeed. You can do it! You can become the slimmer healthier you that you have wanted to be! Click picture on right for audio message.

What is Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis?

“Look into my eyes, you are getting sleepy”. Hypnosis is NOT like it is portrayed in the movies, or the stage shows that you may have seen. There is no swinging watch, you do not go out cold, and you can’t be made to bark like a dog.… unless you really want to!

Real hypnosis, clinical hypnosis I use in treatment, is a useful tool . I work to have someone be very relaxed, a little deeper than that someone could achieve by guided imagery or meditation, but aware of what is going on around them.…..not out cold!

Post-hypnotic suggestions only work if they are along with a clients values. Suggestions such as barking like a dog when someone would rather not are rejected, but ones that are helpful such as relaxing every time they put their thumb and forefinger together are accepted. These factors make hypnosis a great tool for treatment!

Hypnosis 101- Myths and Truths

Through hypnosis and cognitive-behavioral techniques you will feel as if you have had a gastric band installed, and that your stomach has been reduced in size. You will become full on less amounts of food!  You will become aware of eating when not hungry and other obstacles to loss, and will overcome them! You will lose weight  without feeling deprived. You can achieve your ideal weight - and stay there!

How does Virtual Gastric Band Work?

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Why choose this method? Why here?
Become a Non-Smoker and
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For more information! What else can hypnosis help with?

My name is Randolph Bleiwas. I am the Director of Harbor Crest and the therapist that provides our hypnosis services. My background and experience are listed in detail elsewhere on this site. I have two Master’s degrees; in psychology and clinical social work, as well as numerous certifications in addictions, hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I went into this field because I care and I like helping people.

This method works. It has demonstrated its effectiveness in multiple clinical trials. As an therapist and hypnotherapist  I would not be involved in anything that isn’t effective and supported by evidence. My extensive mental health and substance abuse background enables me to provide more effective treatment than hypnotherapy alone can provide. I know, I’ve used it as well!

Why this method? Because it works. Why here?  Because I’m a therapist  with extensive experience as well as a hypnotherapist,

because we care & we’re effective. Click below for more information. kground.

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