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There are many myths and misunderstandings about hypnosis. It  is a safe, effective tool that has been used in treatment for many years. In work I’ve done with clients it has been invaluable in giving them an additional tool or tools to help them improve or succeed. I hope you find the articles helpful.

Articles and information

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Randolph Bleiwas, LCSW

Randolph Bleiwas, LCSW LCSW://ezinearticles.co m/?Bring-in-a-New-You-in-2011,-Virtual-Gastric-Band-Hypnosis-and-Other-Methods&id=5621289

Kendra Cherry, about.com



National Institute of Health HealthNIH)

Originator of  VGB Technique

VGB Canada


Article About Virtual Gastric Band Study

Virtual Gastric Band Canada

Sheila Granger- Virtual Gastric Band

Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise & Weight Loss: 5 Truths

Understanding Hypnosis  

What is Hypnosis? Applications, Effects & Myths

Bring in A New You in 2011, the Virtual Gastric Band

Weight Loss Through Hypnosis, The Virtual Gastric Band

Articles and Other Information


Harbor Crest offers hypnosis and hypnotherapy for weight loss and smoking cessation in its Rockland County New York office. In addition to treating those who want to lose weight or stop smoking we offer psychotherapy and hypnosis to help with anxiety, depression, OCD, chronic pain or other counseling issues. Weight loss hypnosis, hypnosis to stop smoking, self hypnosis, smoking cessation,hypnosis for pain management.